Friday October 22nd 2021

Make mine a half..

Well, here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company. Another Zoom night that was well attended and we thank you all for your usual varied and entertaining contributions. Seriously. The next Zoom will be on the 19th of November and Dave Costello has been reminded that he has indicated a song to be forthcoming. Just saying.

            Our genial co-host kicked everything off with a Jez Lowe song, always a good idea. Dafydd won the worst pun of the evening and Paul (our south coast Greek scholar) confirmed that the mot is chora. John could foresee a long night, and was right. It was near ten before Alun sealed the first half with a kiss, Linda’s ferry had got her home and I shuffled off up the wooden hill. T Gwyn was another promising extra turns from the yoof section soon. Brian and Sue were on song and Mike Hawkins has a new guitar, and Storm won the silly hat competition.

            Stop Press. We are proud and pleased as punch to announce a very special guest night at the club on the 21 st of January 2022. Terry Hiscock will bring his considerable talents to Wales and we are so chuffed that I might bake a cake. More details to follow.

Mike and Helen won the “thank God someone has a Jimmy Buffett song” award, and Phil reminded us of TyneTees TV. Maureen had a wink between the pews, assisted by an Aberdonian etymology explanation of the lyric from Lesley. Bea had a tale of OG as he is known in Corwen and Terry had a note to keep him out of the late book and a song about Kitty.

            Linda had a Thea Gilmore song, very nice too. Ps Thea Gilmore’s album cover of John Wesley Harding is a real treat- for fans of Bob.

            So there we have it, nearly ten o’clock and not a child in the house bathed. It is live next week at Tynewydd, and don’t forget that date for your diaries in January.

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