Friday October 29th 2021.

After a week’s break with our Zoom chums we were back in the luxurious Function Suite at Tynewydd. And back with Andrew MCing, which was a breath of fresh air after months of me droning on, albeit that he was apparently reading his restaurant bill from his Morfa Nefyn trip.

It also meant that Alan got the Lions-and-Christians spot. Alan had his Jez Lowe jumper on but didn’t do any of his songs.

Notable absentees this week were the Warburton twins. Always up for a protest, they’d glued their faces to the A55. I thought it was a speed bump I’d hit.

The Morris dancer was blaming dentists for everything from his toothache to the political unrest in Indonesia, and saw the first gob iron appearance of the night.

Apparently, Stuart had been sampling a lot of Class B drugs to get his arthritic fingers functioning, but it was worth it as he and Margaret turned in a cracking set. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from them.

It’s Halloween this weekend, with no doubt kids demanding money with menaces. Kids have it easy these days, carving pumpkins. We had to do it with swedes – a lesson in life; carving swede is hard; life is hard.

Alun was in French mode tonight (language, not seizing trawlers), with not one but TWO gob irons to accommodate a key change. Unnecessarily flash.

There was a lovely Scottish fiddle tune from my gorgeous missus (I’m on a promise?) and I had a first outing for a Tom Waits song, “Georgia Lee”, which came to me via our Surrey pals Mike and Helen. It’ll be better next time. Welsh from Dafydd and a first live outing for Mike’s shiny black guitar and matching jumper. Shiny black finish – that’ll show the fingerprints. Mike always keeps a copy of the words in his pocket in case of a memory lapse. “How does that work?” I hear you ask. It’s in Braille.

Yet more of the harmonica stuff, this time from Kevin. Never fails to provide a good set.

It being half term we had a full length turnout from Chan and Jas as the Scouts were having a break. Delivered an almost faultless set. Almost.

If Ruth is taking the photos it may occasionally be Sunday before the blog appears, but don’t worry, your favourite weekly publication will always appear Obviously there’s no YouTube this week, you had to be there I’m afraid. Tynewydd next week.

2 Responses to “Friday October 29th 2021.”

  1. JohnnCarole Says:

    It wasn’t us on the A55, John. We were stuck on the M5!

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    A grand night, despite a couple of absences. With hindsight, the “finale” i.e. end-of-night-everyone-up-on-stage sing-song was marred only by one critical error, namely if someone suggests “Why don’t we sing xyz?” it is always prudent to see who if anyone actually knows some/all of the words, before commencing, only to find out to the contrary. Note to self: “Must concentrate” – perhaps it was the hit from the Morrisson’s 1% Low Alcohol cider that got to me?!?!?

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