Remember, remember the 5th…….well some obviously forgot, were they all at a bonfire party we weren’t invited to?

A slightly smaller, but select turnout, and a none the less enjoyable evening, the selection of “abstract” pictures may help identify performers.

John, “not a real MC” Shepherd started off with a Final Trawl and could be found scouring the streets of Aiberdeen, looking for a bonnie Jean. Why he’s doing that when he’s got the best example at home….????

There were a few more foray’s this evening: The first being to Scotland:

Alan Manouch – on the West coast, on the road to Drumleman and places further north.

Alun’s – Farewell She

The Raffle Prize – with my name on it “Haggis” flavoured crisps.

But first prize goes to Dafydd, for his animated and heartfelt rendition of that famous Scottish children’s verse – 3 Craws

The Second Foray was back in time to The music hall era:

T Gwyn sang about the then fashion of wearing a rat in your hair – apparently it’s to do with backcombing!

and Margaret, fresh from the Birmingham Hippodrome with Till There Was You – lovely.

Elsewhere, there were several references to Tea –

Alan had a wee dram and a wee cup o’ tea, reminded me of “A Fly Cup” the Doric term for elevenses or afternoon tea, often had with pancakes or a fancy piece.

Rick did a Les Barker poem about the dangers of accepting a cup on a cliff edge – very funny and his notorious “Have a cup”…

Adrian showed us the vagaries of memory, could he remember the song, – or even his name?, but what I want to know, is where does a naked woman hide her dagger?

We also welcomed a newcomer to the floor – Malcolm, who has only joined us since we’ve been back live after lock down. A Black Country man, he reminisced about his younger years. Something about the fact that he had a brick heated in the forge and wrapped in a blanket for a bed warmer made me suspect he may secretly be a Peaky Blinder – watch out if he’s wearing his cap next week!

The night was certainly fun and full of the usual audience participation, especially in Adrian’s long stick dance and Rick’s Barrett’s Privateers, which prompted some dubious actions from the front row.

Thanks everyone for coming, see you next week live, when we may expect the odd Remembrance song (not compulsory).

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