After several weeks of live club, Rhyl Folk Club was back on Zoom, doing it’s charitable bit for the misfits and ne’er do well’s of the virtual folk circuit.

Mike and Helen had perfect timing, and tuned in just after John had finished his tribute to them, their punishment will be having to listen today to see what it was!

Those who have a life were on early, Aitch was bored of dancing and bored of us and so soon buggered off on a better offer. Linda and Brian’s duet was also brought to the fore as Linda was helping Children in Need with her job at the Beeb:

Just Text – 5,000 – 10,000 – or 100,000 to my bank account – details to follow

Highlights included:

Jack – with his Abba meets King Herod – frightening prospect.

Aiden – with an not proper song, wot he wrote himself,

Dafydd – with his Scottish set, well, I always used to be so proud of my accent…..

We had a great selection of “out of towner’s” Phil, Ray, Storm, Gwyneth, Brian, to mention just a few, and Maureen who had paddled through the floods in BC to give us a chip shop song. Thanks everyone from away for coming and supporting us on Zoom, it makes it so much fun.

We also had “The Baritone Guitar Club” – Alun, had seen Alan’s and, of course, had to have one and Warbie I know, is hankering after one, but the person who really needs one is Dave Hyche. All they need to do now is learn to play it like Paul Claack and they’ll be away.

Speaking of Paul Clark, it wasn’t easy to spot the product placement on gallery view – but full marks. (click on the image to enlarge it and see)

Sue Race had been introduced to the TV series Vera and is now hooked (can’t beat it for easy Sunday night viewing I say). There is no truth in the rumour that Vera will now be using a new catch phrase – “Oooh Nooo”

Spoiler Alert – applicable to every episode of Vera – The insignificant character who appears just after the first commercial break is always the one who did it. (It’s true, watch it and see.)

And so we had a real good, fun night. Admittedly there was a fair spattering of “not proper” songs, if only we’d had a “proper MC” we might have got through the first half before 10pm, however we soldiered on through the second half and Alun brought the evening to a memorable close, although, probably not in the way he would have wished. It’s not the ARJ we used to know, who could play and sing anything, no matter how much alcohol was consumed.

If you hung on after the recording you would have seen Chas and Jan holidaying in Northumberland and heard Sweet Thames – almost.

Thank you all for your contributions, see some of you live next week, until then here is the recording:

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