Friday November 26th 2021.

The North Wind doth blow………We didn’t have snow, but only the foolhardy would turn out on such a night. Fortunately these are 2 a penny at Rhyl and we managed a half reasonable turnout.

At least we had a proper MC again, Andrew’s musical astuteness brings meaning to some of the more difficult concepts of the art. The moron who fills in in his absence was relegated to camera man.

Alun had brought his new baritone guitar – with a Florentine cut out!!! (?). Newly strung only minutes before he left home, those at the front could see the strings stretching as he stumbled through his first song.

Stuart and Margaret don’t seem to realise how good they are. Another stunning set from them.

Just a thought; did the bloke taken to hospital from “I’m a nobody, get me out of here” have to wait 4 hours for the Welsh Ambulance Service to turn up, then wait 6 hours outside A & E? Answers on a postcard………

Tynewydd was already trimmed up despite it being barely past Halloween and looked very slightly less shabby.

Bee and Dafydd – are there two more thoughtful gentle people in the world? Bee’s poem about the immigrants drowned in the Channel stunned everyone into silence.

Dafydd read a piece by Gwyn Thomas who apparently did the translations for the road signs in Gwynedd (amongst other stuff). I was captivated by the bit on the B5402.

My lovely wife (creep) played “Miss Rowan Davies” (Andrew pointed out that her rendition was in G whereas Alun plays it in F), followed by “Smoky the Cat”, a poem about a mythical animal from Bowmore distillery.

I finished off the first half with “Cousin Jack”, but it was a mere shadow of Warbie’s heartfelt dramatic (overdramatic?) version.

Malcolm treated us to a couple of his verses in the second half; he’s promised to play his fiddle for us at a later date. Talking to him earlier, it’s obvious he’s a proper musician.

Andrew wrapped up the night a bit earlier than normal and hopefully we all got home safely.

Fellas! – you can get your loved one expensive jewellery or perfume for Christmas and it will soon be forgotten, but she will never forget the year you bought her a new mop. Never. That’s another Elf with a bullet in his brain.

One Response to “Friday November 26th 2021.”

  1. “she will never forget the year you bought her a new mop. Never” because early the following year, she’ll file for divorce. It is feasible to use a mop as a weapon [Santa knows this, when the ammo runs out], so just beware how flippant you are in public [not that it’s stopped you so far… ]

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