…and another Friday at Wales’ oldest Folk Club. The “threatened” refurbishment of Tynewydd caused a clearing out of the store room before the start of the evening and look what turned up. John and I started coming to the club around the late 80’s when this group were a 6 piece, by the late 90’s they were down to 4 and now……

The first thing of note about this evening was the varying degrees of sartorial elegance (or in some cases lack of).

John Shepherd was there, complete in thermal vest, socks, padded trousers and neck warmer, battling through the pain of his chilblains to give us a few songs, while John Warburton and Alan Manouch were still dressed in their summer attire of flowery shirts and t shirts.

Alun and Adrian came in shades of green, a Christmas Elf and a Leprechaun. And while Adrian may have chosen his co-ordinating outfit, Alun’s matching colours were merely a happy accident.

Interestingly, no one was dancing to Adrian’s Short Stick tune – we’re all of an age when we’ve stopped referring to our knees as the right and left,they’re now just the good and the bad.

As to the music – we had a few Christmas offerings (it’s only the 3rd, it’s going to be a long month).

  • John S – had a slightly disturbing song about King Herod and his bid to control the male population of Bethlehem
  • Carole – had an animal version the The Night Before Christmas
  • John W – tried to pass off The Bargee’s by Keith Christmas as his entry – Disqualified! – (I thought they were an Indian snack myself.)

Dafydd had offerings from his 3 favourite poets; Shakespeare, Bee and Leonard Cohen, although he carefully refrained from putting them in any kind of order!

It was interesting to note this evening, the varied degrees of technical expertise within the club, as Mike Hawkins was forced to refer to his poor man’s i phone in a first outing of Rolling Home to Dear Old England, while Dafydd was down with the kids, with words on his mobile device.

Anyway enough of this drivel, it was a great night with plenty of laughs and banter, the house is freezing, my boiler is what is technically know as “f****d” and my hands are now too cold to type any more.

Singers night next week, Christmas party live at Tynewydd on the 17th – bring your own nibbles (covid safe) and due to popular demand, a Zoom Christmas bash on Sunday the 19th.

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