Friday December 10th 2021

I’ve said it before, but, you had to be there. The Friday before the gathering was one of those nights (Eagles) that had most of the favourites of this house. We began with a typically didactic approach from the calmly attired A West. He veered (swerved) from gentlemen’s undergarments to the hazards of women at the hands of (ahem) gentlemen right through to the (what should be a ) capital offence of watering down beer.

Mike’s Raglan Road never disappoints and a couple of self-penned tunes from Alan M kept the bar high (not the same as Bali Hi). Dafydd had us in a right twist with the laevo and dextro intricacies of plant conjugation. I am not making this up!

The Warburtons went into the late book.

Alun knocked out two of our favourites with Country Roads and the (for me, sad) story of London Danny. NB. Jez Lowe is our guest in June next year.

John and Carol, or , I should say Carol and John smoothed our passage into the second half an we had a report of a match what we won at HQ via Dafydd’s Max Boyce cover. Who knew what you could get for a photo of Barry John!. Alun had the Eleanor Shanley hit, Mise Rafteri, and we haven’t even mentioned Alan’s pipes and the Dragon’s Breath farewell. As I said, you had to be there. See you all next week, for a deniable gathering with personal nibbles only. Stay safe!

One Response to “Friday December 10th 2021”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Entertaining report as always, EmmCee and what ace photos Ruth. I particularly like the final pic of Alan M and John W, where Alan’s expression seems to be saying… “What on earth is THAT chord you’re playing?” 🙂

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