It was Christmas party night at Rhyl Folk Club. New Covid advice to prioritise interactions caused those with big Christmas plans to miss out on the festivities, but RFC has many social misfits all of whom turned out, most of them, determined to have a good time.

There were, of course, some exceptions to that rule, the main being the evening’s host – The Miserable Shepherd who, dressed like a refugee from a school nativity play, sang a couple of what he terms “Christmassy” songs, as you would expect, not the traditional type, what was he was doing to that turkey?

This was followed by a miserable tune from his other half and a Doric ditty.

Am I selling it to you ?… Don’t you just wish you were there?

Next up – The poor man’s sandwich, Stew and Marge, brought a better class of Xmas song with their Black Country Reggae version of Mary’s Boy Child and Mike-many- jumpers-Hawkins, did While Shepherds Watch, very popular with the front row!

Kevin had confused the seasons and came dressed for summer, in a short sleeved shirt and no socks, our climate really is buggered. His version of Fairy Tale of New York, is legendary. Rick, nice to see him, was even more Ba Humbug than JS. His Xmas message was – don’t stand under the reindeer as they fly over.

That brings us to Adrian. Now he does protest against Zoom, but I think, with the number of times he freezes (trying to remember the words, or the title, or the tune) he’d be well suited to it! If this was being recorded you could all listen to the difference between Adrian and John’s versions of The Holly and The Ivy. (See trad and Sid Kipper).

Wearing his Santa jumper and wielding his imaginary long Morris stick, his actions brought to mind that little known Catalonian tradition of the Christmas Pooping Log, The Caga Tio, where children literally beat the crap out of a log with a stick til it gives up it’s presents. Yes this is real, read more about it here…

Alun’s In The Bleak Midwinter always signifies the start of Christmas for me – magical, but what’s with the black outfit?? A rework of an old Bee’s Knee’s song, Free and Easy was dedicated to the late, great Darryl Morley, a legend in the world of local folk and Radiography. The only trouble with Darryl’s version of most things was you never knew what words he was singing.

The raffle floozies did a good job sharing out the 12 prizes fairly evenly between the 18 people – 2 bottles for The Shepherd’s – result!!!!

The second half saw folk, giddy from their raffle winnings, full to bustin’ from their grand personal buffets and completely exhausted of their Christmas songs, except that was, for JS who was determined that we would be subjected to his entire festive repertoire. Oh joy!

The night was rounded off rowdily with a medley of songs culminating in the traditional 12 Drinks of Christmas.

A jolly good night, join us on Zoom on Sunday (usual login) for our digital Xmas bash if you can.

Hopefully, restrictions depending, we will be back live in the New Year, until then have a Happy, but safe Christmas and a Good New Year.

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