Sunday December 19th 2021

Yes, a Sunday night at RFC! A last chance to meet up with our Zoom chums from all over before we finally rid ourselves of 2021.

There were several “firsts”; the night was sponsored by a well known N Wales manufacturer of quality biscuits, which enabled us to have several special guests, including Newcastle detective (or in this case defective) Vera Stanhope, Mr. Northern Stereotype and even Robbie Burns.

Helen joined us and sang from her car on a ferry over in British Columbia.

Several people were dressed for the occasion – Christmas jumpers, hats, a couple of pirates. Mike and Helen were attired in their gardening gear (Surrey style).

Brian and his missus, who shall henceforth be known as “Susan” had the poshest tree.

The raffle!! Look what you could have won! Whisky, boxing gloves, marbles, adjustable spanners (1 metric, 1 Imperial), and even the much sought after cd by Painless John.

Joe and Mary couldn’t be with us as their accommodation didn’t have wi-fi.

Anyway, enough of this drivel. You can relive the whole experience through the recording. Currently we plan live singers nights 7 and 14 Jan, Terry-at-Tynewydd Jan 21 and Zoom Jan 28, but this could change overnight, watch the website, Facebook or your e mails for any changes. Only another 26 weeks before the nights start drawing in again. Keep safe.

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