Friday January 7th 2022

With the sky high Covid rates, we really had no alternative but to suspend the Tynewydd sessions and go back weekly on Zoom. I have to admit that I get as much pleasure from the Zoom sessions as I do from the “live” performances. Make of that what you will.

This week we were sponsored by WRU bitter. If it’s made by Brains I probably wouldn’t recommend it personally, and it’s no longer available in Rhyl as ARJ has bought it all at about 6p a can.

It was good to see Geoff and Brian both back in good(ish) health. Notable absentees were Stormzy, Iris from Dunfermline, Deep-down-Dave and Tony the Tiger on Paul’s shelf.

Susan and Brian were, as always, in fine voice. Brian managed to turn Alun’s lights off via Alexa. This week I tried “Alexa – take down the Christmas decorations!” The reply was predictable; “I’m sorry, I don’t know that one”. As they sang the Oasis number “Half the world away”, used as the theme tune to “The Royle Family”, I couldn’t fail to see the resemblance between Susan and Brian and Barbara and Jim.

The Grammar Police were out in force in the chat – how many negatives can you get in a sentence?

There were two contenders for “word of the night”;



Izzies top tip for 2022 – seal your glue tube with vaseline on the tip. Does the Pope allow that?

Alun is still seeking to ban diminished and minor 7th and augmented 5th chords (see Andrew P).

Sadly we’ve had to postpone Terry’s night with us at Tynewydd on the 21st, but we hope to reschedule this for a later date. Spot the VC10 on the desk.

There was much discussion about a bloke from the Yardbirds (a popular beat combo from the 60s) who I’d never heard of.

AAaaarrrrggggghhhhh! Sorry! I should have said “About whom I had not heard.”

Paul had been dishing out stick all night and eventually it got too much for Alun and he admitted defeat.

It’s all on the YouTube vid. I’m interested to see how the chorus singing to Dafydd’s song came across. Ignore the writing at the beginning (dates etc); it wasn’t the WRU bitter, it was the whisky chasers.

3 Responses to “Friday January 7th 2022”

  1. Churchill’s supposed response to someone’s clumsy attempt to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition was “That is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put”.
    An ex-editor of The Guardian, David Marsh, points out that the rule was invented in the 19th-Century, and can’t possibly be always applied. Most of our grammatical bugbears [split infinitives, etc.] were similarly coined, and have similarly unreliable applications. So stuff the Grammar Police.

  2. I can’t not disagree with you.

  3. jonesthephones Says:

    Tut bl**dy Tut. The Grammar Police hav surved me wel. It’s the Spoilchacker out for whom you had better watch…!

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