Another Friday on Zoom with John “I’m in charge” – or I think I am, in the chair (he’s never been fully in charge). Juggling boxes and various unfamiliar buttons seemed a bit of a challenge to him, but none the less, a great evening ensued,

There was a fair spattering of self penned numbers, some trad, some poetry and more than a few attempts at comedy, some cleaner than others. There were some very interesting chori ?? from the floor and plenty of heckling. In other words, a normal collection of folkies at RFC.

Things to look for on the recording:

The first thing is “Audience Participation with Andy” – sounds like some kind of TV show – well, he set out to show that joining in on Zoom had improved, it well might have, but the quality of singing was still questionable! Watch it and enjoy.

Dafydd, who gets Best Accent award for his attempt at a Welsh one.

And Mark, who gets tonight’s main prize, for rhyming Llanyrmynech.

Things you won’t see on the Chat:

Several of Brian’s questionable jokes


Paul Clarke suggested you could find some of this at his club on a Wednesday night. Not sure you could find any organisms stranger than those you find here at Rhyl on a Friday night.

Thanks to all who come and play and also to those who come every week to listen. It may not be a totally conventional club, but we love the fun atmosphere you all help to create and appreciate the barracking you put up with .

See you all next week on Zoom for more of the same.

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