Friday February 11th 2022

Once again, members were able to return to the splendour of Tynewydd, after spending the past 2 months in their squalid little homes. I really enjoy our Zoom sessions with all our distant chums, but it’s always good to be back with a live crowd.

Andrew was MCing tonight and in a surprise move put Alan M on first. Never disappoints.

Kevin had brought a 12 string with him, but shunned it for his first offering, which was a recitation (from memory!) of Robert Graves “A Welsh Incident”.

After spouting about what the Welsh 15 were going to do to the Irish last week, Alun was unsurprisingly quiet about their chances against the Jocks today. One of his songs was “Santander” (Kieran Halpin). Other banks are available.

New faces! BoMillerjen were a 3 piece outfit, playing bouzouki, banjo, bodhran and gob iron. A couple of lively sets which went down a treat amongst the usual tales of death and misery endemic in folk clubs. I hope they return soon.

“Roll on the day” from me, with some cracking harmonies from the floor, before Lesley helped out on her rapidly improving fiddle with a Phil Cunningham tune and the woeful tale of “Georgia Lee”.

Daffydd’s offerings were a couple of very short pieces from Gerwyn Williams, translated into English for the sake of the 95% of us.

Coconuts are mammals because they have fur and produce milk. Discuss.

John and Carole have quickly become club favourites. Tonight John was done up like a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, in his floral shirt with his unrestrained tresses billowing in the wind. Looked like he forgot to use conditioner though.

The night ended with all the singers joining in with a verse each (twice round) of “Landlord fill the flowing bowl”.

There were a few notable absences last night. Liz West had let Alun know that Adrian had a cold and couldn’t come out to play, which is a shame as Alun went to the trouble of singing a song containing many of his pet hates – John Denver, double negatives and simply “American” ie not folk music as we know it Jim.

Everyone missed Mike and Sheila. We are all feeling for you and send all our love.

Sorry, no YouTube recording from Tynewydd nights. Next week it’s more of the same, 25th we have guests Ben Robertson and Phoebe Rees. For our Zoomers, Brian and Susan hope to be joining us down here late April and Terry will be guest May 13th. Next Zoom is March 4th.

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