And an impromptu zoom session courtesy of storm Eunice. Luckily there were a few others out there still with power and internet and nothing better to do than come and entertain us at RFC. As always, it was a fun night with plenty of talent on display, have a listen to the recording later, it’s bound to make you smile.

Linda was missing, a 122 mph gust at The Needles had blown her straight off The Isle of Wight, all the way over to Le Havre. Look out for her twin sister, who, luckily, was staying with Brian in Eastbourne at the time.

Brian never fails to surprise and we spent half the evening trying to work out his background for his second song. Turns out it was Rhyl from the air! Brian’s tribute to John, the folk singer from Rhyl is a must listen. I must, however lodge a complaint – John has never been an easy person to live with (as you can imagine) but now he’s had a song written for him he’s going to be absolutely impossible!

Things to look out for on the recording-

Paul Clarke’s biennial haircut, something about wanting his money’s worth.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody featured in Ruthin and Bee’s middle English piece is definitely worth a listen. See if you can hear the hints of Scots Welsh and Cornish within it.

Brian and Sue, being from the north, are harder than the rest of us and were ignoring the advice given for northerners to wear their big coats in today’s breeze.

Gaffer had also forgotten his coat – in fact he was in need of a couple of sleeves for his tank top – any volunteers to knit him a pair?

Mike, Helen and Irene AKA the Surrey threesome, if only they let Mumbling Dave join in, they’d have a 4 nation band.

Izzie’s poem “Storm” – and – Storm’s poem.

Chas and Jan, who were with us due to some very apathetic scouts.

Loads of others too, Maureen, Gwyneth, Ray, Alan, Alun, Dewi and Eileen, The Warby’s (hands up if I missed you out).

Thanks everyone, not just the performers, but also to our audience, who you might not see, Glenys, John, Peter, Michael, Karen, Alice and Dave and to all who listen afterwards. You make the club the force that it is.

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