Friday 25th February 2022.

Our first “turns” since Alan Taylor in November 2019! It gave us immense pleasure to receive a long overdue return visit from Ben Robertson and Phoebe Rees. Young people! How they stuck out among the baldy heads and blue rinses. Anyway they’d apparently finished their homework and were allowed out. Tynewydd was as full as we’d comfortably like it in these times.

The usual faces acted as warm up; most of us deliberately pretended to forget words, chords, names of songs etc. in order to make our guests look better. That was my excuse and I’m sticking to it. It was certainly not needed.

Phoebe took over the first half, with songs and tunes, played on either violin or her de-tuned viola (a sort of thinking person’s answer to a baritone guitar).

She even remembered that AP was a sucker for “Ashokan Farewell”. Ben joined in for the last number to send us to the lavvy with a skip in our step at the break.

After more of the regulars, Ben captivated us for the second half. It’s pretty obvious that his youth was misspent playing guitar instead of playing cards and smoking behind the bike shed.

However, he now knows to use an electronic tuner at Rhyl after remembering how the morons in the audience “helped” him tune up last time.

Basically, we were left in awe of the talent of these two people. £5 has never been better spent.

Don’t forget next week is first Friday of the month so we’re on Zoom with all our chums from near and far.

Unlike our Zoom nights when you can relive the whole thing courtesy of YouTube, we don’t have anything from last night, but here are the pair playing “together” in lockdown.

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