Friday march 25th 2022

Before I start, let me remind you that the clocks go forward this weekend. That is of course unless you are one of the flat Earth, anti vax types who insist on keeping GMT all year, in which case, don’t forget that for you, we will be starting at 9.00 for the next 6 months.

What a treat it was to see Annette come through the door; haven’t seen (or heard) her since pre covid.

Did you see that the International lumberjack competition had been won by tree fellers from Ireland? “Wild Mountain Thyme” and the “Whingey woman’s song”, aka “Only a woman’s heart” were her first half treat in her lovely Irish tones.

Malcolm was up for it last night, with some of his Black Country verse and, in the second half, his fiddle appeared, with a little reverb unit that Brian and Sue will be trying to borrow in a month’s time. A nice little medley of about a dozen tunes.

I was rolling chariots along; Adrian was disembowelling a Duke – how we laughed.

Alan was up in the Pennines, while Alun had us all singing “…three score and ten, poisoned men were lost from Grimsby town”

John W threw his telly out of the window, while Carole treated us to “Sennen, on another day” – beautiful pictures through words.

I think Rick may have had a trim. Hardly a short back ‘n sides. If you keep bending those strings Rick, they’re gonna break – don’t come crying to me.

Next week it’s “First Friday of the month” ZOOM, so get your grandchild to set up your laptop for you. Then on Friday the 8th, we have an overdue AGM, starting at 7.30 at Tynewydd. Having lost three committee members, if anyone fancies joining us please let us know. Put your views forward – remember it’s YOUR club.

Alun read a piece he’d written about our late friend and club legend Ted Robshaw. Here’s some poor quality footage from 2008, shortly before he died. The video was 4:3 originally, now 6:9 making Alun look especially thin. Enjoy it.

One Response to “Friday march 25th 2022”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Happy memories. So it was 2008 that we lost Ted… 😦
    As Alan Manouch would no doubt agree “R,B & C” billed themselves as “North Wales’ Favourite Folk-Group” Hah…!

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