FRIDAY 1st April 2022

April Fools Day and all fools were here. All Fools Day has been celebrated in the UK since 1700 and, to be fair, some of last nights “muppets” could have been there at the start.

It was lovely to see so many of our friends from across the country and across the seas with the noted exception of The Gaffer, has anyone seen him since the “PooTin” affair? Have the KGB caught up with him?

It looked a bit like a “Couples Date Night” @ RFC

  • Sheila and Mike were back – always good to hear Mike, but especially great to hear Sheila
  • Mike and Helen – love the stuff they do, it has a real feel good factor
  • Brian and Sue – still managed perfect harmonies despite the best effort of Omicron !
  • The Stokies – were cuddled up on their sofa
  • Ruth and Andrew – never a “cross”word
  • Edna and Stu – dreaming of the day Liverpool won the cup
  • Mr and Mrs Warbuton – Is it true that they are the Bread Bakers of Bolton ?
  • Izzie and Geoff – not strictly a couple – more of a 3’some if you include Galaxy the dog.
  • and – not forgetting The Good Shepherds

The high point of the evening was, when, after insulting most people on the call, including John W. (several times) JS was barred from Dragons Breath FC for, at least, the 10th time. Some zoomer’s might wish he was barred from Rhyl !

Do I look bothered?

On The Chat Last Night

Several dubious jokes and many “instrumental” puns, examples are: harp on and she was a lyre! It was bad on a variety of levels – it was strata various.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to re-live them on the recording today?

Important Announcements

Next week we are live at Tynewydd, come early for the AGM at 7.30pm. If you would like to join the Committee let us know via the website e mail or on our face book page.

The following week, on the 15th, the centre will be closed and we will be having an extra Zoom session. Good Friday has traditionally always been the club’s Anniversary this year we will be 58 years old. So come along to the virtual party if you can.

Listen to it all here on the recording:

2 Responses to “FRIDAY 1st April 2022”

  1. The author of “strata various” is hereby banned from RFC’s blog instanter…

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