Friday April 15th 2022.

Good Friday – Tynewydd was closed (Council owned!), so we had a Zoom session to celebrate our 58th Anniversary. Many had followed tradition and had a fish supper (with Irn Bru if you’re a Jock) before hitting the booze.

It was good to see “Mumblin’ Dave briefly with Irene, although their neighbours from 2 doors down had sound problems; Mike got a small child to fix it for him.

Paul Clark was absent; I missed taking the piss. There will be another day.

The Queen’s Award for dedication goes to Helen and Neil over in British Columbia. After a power outage cut short their ability to participate, they jumped in the car and headed out to find a 4G signal so we were all able to hear Helen knock out a couple of songs. We’ll have a whip round for the petrol.

Helen appeared to have red hair tonight. Baffles me. I waited 65 years to start going grey (strawberry blonde?)

Being a Ginger, I’ve always had an abiding sense of despair which has sustained me through temporary periods of joy.

Neil was due to play some guitar – we’ll have to wait ’til they come over here on the big iron bird in July. Someone else coming down here for the next couple of weeks is Sue. Probably with the bloke on guitar in tow.

Basically, all the usual suspects were there, plus a few extras so fortunately I only had to sit through them once round. Ray knows the feeling.

Back live at Tynewydd for the next 2 weeks. Zoom on the 6th May, then Terry at Tynewydd on the 13th.

If you’ve got family down for the weekend, play them the recording on repeat. You’ll soon have your house back.

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