Friday April 22nd 2022

Another night when we needed extra chairs. If you go to our Zoom sessions (Whatsat? cries Adrian West) or watch them on YouTube you’ll be familiar with Brian and Sue Race; this week for reasons best known to themselves, they drove down from Co. Durham to be with us “live” at Tynewydd. More of them later.

Alan, myself and the missus, and Malcolm provided the foreplay.

Abby was back for another visit. She had to be off early to be fit for work tomorrow – good to know someone is grafting to pay our pensions. Two of her own songs. Lovely. Edna taught her all she knows.

Alun risked the wrath of Warby when he sang a Donovan song; this one was about Islay but mysteriously forgets to mention the whisky which they produce on the island but ruin by excessive use of peat. Other opinions are available. Mine is the one that counts.


John Shepherd is about to be nice about someone.

The Races have been staying with us for a few days. What lovely people (won’t mention their eating habits). It was a privilege to have them singing in my front room. Even with her pink fluffy slippers on, Sue had me crying when she sang John Condon. Two sets of 4 went by in a flash. Apparently it was Terry Hiscock who suggested the Races may like the Rhyl Zoom session – a couple of Terry’s songs featured in their set. Don’t forget you can see and hear the man himself on May 13th.

Brian knocked out “Wagon Wheel” for their last song, despite the backing group of our Zoom performers. Good fun.

I’m always puzzled by thee line in the song “…..and pray to God I see head lice”.

The rest of the night was filled in by songs and verse from regulars with the added bonus of a couple of of poems from the effervescent Izzie, who’d left Geoff back in the caravan with the dog and was out on the pull. Again.

It’s always good to hear Geoff Durno.

Recently the Met police have been rehearsing for Operation London Bridge (the Queen’s funeral). Perhaps N. Wales police should be practising “Operation Foryd Bridge”; last night you could hear the bubbling phlegm in Adrian’s bronchi – probably not long on this side of the turf. Here’s a rare picture of him looking happy (or at least less grumpy).

Rick rounded off a memorable night with Barrett’s Private Ears.

We ran slightly over time so there was no spot for the usual end-of-night singalong. Margaret had been first there to open up and, with the absence of a caretaker, had to be last out to lock up. Apologies from all those who kept her there far too long as they stood around chatting. Margaret and Roly don’t get the credit for all they do in setting up and taking down. That is now corrected.

Singers’ night next week; Brian and Sue will still be in our midst. May 6th is Zoom.

3 Responses to “Friday April 22nd 2022”

  1. Lucky people.  Reckon you’re trying to keep me off your airwaves.  I wonder if I need to change my deodorant?  Maybe I should use some…  First you fix a Zoom when I have a subsequent dinner engagement, then you slyly organize an extra one when I’m out of wi-fi range, then ANOTHER when enny fule no that FOCSLE Music has a live guest. Sorry we won’t be able to livestream it to you, but then you wouldn’t want your musical game raising, anyway, surely?

    Bet you’ll cancel 3rd June [HMQ’s holiday], just to spite me, on the strength of the Welsh’s support for England’s first family.  Or something.  I have a few darkened rooms for hire, in case any of you need to avail yourself of them.

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    Looking forward to hearing you again, Mt=r Clack, whenever that may be… We might even have a vote on it!

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