Friday April 29th 2022

Two apologies

Back at H.Q., prior to next week on the first Friday Zoom, then we have the guest night we have all been looking forward to. Terry Hiscock will be at the club on May 13th and we are all very excited at the prospect. Come early and come all.

            Regulars will know that my list system is an exercise in terminological inexactitude. Last night proved no exception. I was so busy trying to get started promptly that I forgot Malcolm. That was the first apology. Malcolm was too well behaved to point out my error, but I checked my numbers and realised at about turn three that I had made a boo-boo. My second apology goes to Alun, to whom I asserted that the Ewan MacColl song he was about to deliver was called My Beloved Son. It is a song about a boy who never sees his father as he builds England’s motorways. The song is called Come My Little Son. Glad we have cleared that up. This vital bit of trivia comes from a review of a well received CD by John Francis Flynn called I Would Not Live Always. Try it. You could google him, other search engines are available.

            Over a baker’s dozen entertaining chums who gave us a sumptuous night of chorus and clapping and good cheer. Fred has gone home with homework, Adrian had a brisk young widow and Richard Harding won the hat competition. Alan Manouch won the sock competition (Malcolm was disqualified on a technicality, pending a steward’s enquiry). Time constraints truncated the evening but we did have time for two turns from our new chums from County Durham. Brian and Sue Race have been a treat to see and hear. Thanks to the Cheshire set for their hospitality. See you all in two weeks for Terry Hiscock concert. Be there or be square!

2 Responses to “Friday April 29th 2022”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Ahem… I still think it’s called “England’s Motorway” although the recordings on Youtube seem to be about 50/50 on the Title. Here’s mine…

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