FRIDAY 6th MAY 2022

Pinch punch, first Friday of the month, and another Zoom session for Rhyl Folk Club, and a great relief it was to me not to have to drive over for a live session. Having just had an 8 hour trip back from Aberdeen in the pouring rain, as they say in the Doric – “ma heid wis mince”.

A great turn out again, lovely to see and hear all our friends from afar and welcome to newcomer Wendy who came to us from Kew Gardens, via NYC and had, in fact, visited in person, when the club was at The Bee in the 1970’s. Did she recognise anyone? Some of us were there!

I returned from Aberdeen with a boot load of goodies, Rowies, Skirlie, White Mealy Puddin’, Haggis, all the artery hardening things you need to keep yourself warm and healthy up on the North Sea Coast. Not to mention the 3 litres of Famous Grouse, liberated form my uncles secret cupboard.Just the thing Paul Clarke would recommend in his tips of how to enjoy an RFC Zoom session!

Excellent performances all round, things to look out for on the recording:

  • A very cheery poem from “the muse” wenynen (Bee)
  • Maureen’s chorus song, which will probably be pandemonium on the recording!
  • Brian Carter and Gaffer’s competition for longest song. (Sorry Gaff, I think you’ve been usurped)
  • John and Carole’s real, live, actual, fire breathing dragon.
  • Susan’s husky new tones, courtesy of a box of razor blades in her throat.
  • Paul Clarke’s “tips for the blog” as related by JS.
  • Brian, stealing Paul Clarke’s product placement idea. He must be getting real money from Kelloggs – but do they know that Brian only eats shredded wheat?

More, dubious product placement and reminiscing can be seen at the end of the recording – tell me these people are not in their dotage! It got to a point where I thought I might get up in the morning and they’d still be at it.

Question: Does it feel strange when you have to sing live without your slippers on? This one goes to Sue in her pink fluffy ones and John in his baffs.

Have a good week and see you next Friday live at Tynewydd with our guest – the great Terry Hiscock.

One Response to “FRIDAY 6th MAY 2022”

  1. Did Brian C pick his British Gas photo deliberately?  The slogan reads “Looking after your wc”.

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