Friday May 13th 2022

The night we had all been waiting for since we had to cancel our guest Terry Hiscock in January. Another of our Zoom pals – singer, songwriter and phenomenal guitar player.

Brian and Sue had called in on their way back from Norfolk to Co. Durham; maybe they should invest in a better Sat. Nav. and joined in the ranks of the regulars who provided the foreplay. But on to the main event.

Most of the songs were Terry’s own, with diverse material including his teenage daughter, Buddy Holly’s fatal flight and the day he cut an earthworm in half hoping to create two, but ending up with two bits of dead worm **.

** I might have made that up.

There was blues (was or were?), with far too many notes and flash twiddly bits the average mortal can only dream of playing. Alun joined him with some sympathetic accordion (yes, you read that correctly – he can do it when he wants) for “Sweet Marie”.

Quotes – Aussie John “Best turn we’ve ever had at the club”.

Robshaw (club mascot, unpleasant stuffed toy) – “Heard worse”

We had an unexpected visit from another Zoom chum, Paul Clarke, who arrived half way through my song (intended to miss it). Hardly recognised him without the make up and video filters he uses. Paul was moving on today for the marmalade festival in Penrith; I remember Andrew entering there – “undercooked shreds” was the verdict of the judges then.

Terry is 2 years older than me, so I’m looking forward to being able to play like that when I have those extra 2 years under my belt.

I think most of us would probably agree with Aussie John (and Robshaw I suppose) – a memorable night with great music and chat from a thoroughly lovely guy. I’m sure there will be lots of people asking when we can get him back.

Terry had forgotten to bring any of his cds to sell. If you want one (and believe me you should) contact him at

Finally, on a less happy note, if anyone has any unwanted camping equipment, please see Margaret next week as she really needs it to send out to Ukraine.

We don’t have any video from last night but here’s one off YouTube for those who missed a cracker of a night.

Singers night at Tynewydd next week.

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