May 20th 2022

Last week, with guest Terry Hiscock, was always going to be a hard act to follow, but at least we were back with the regular MC.

Alan had a different set of pipes. In F#. A Billy-no-mates key if ever there was one (unless you’ve got an instrument with a capo). Always good to hear them, and a change from “another bloke with a guitar”.

Adrian sang about “The Keeper”, predictably this had nothing to do with football, and Alun gave everyone a chance to accompany him with their best waves-on-the-beach sounds on “The Island”.

There were two stunningly good sets from Mike tonight. I spotted he’d subtly changed a word in “Loving Anna”, and in another song he sent a letter to someone called “Noah Vale”.

We’re all made up every week to hear Izzie read her mum’s verse, and now her voice is back, she can fair knock out a song. Posh singing voice for a scouser.

Dafydd had verse by Leonard Cohen and His Bobness. Len had more class. A lot more class.

Adrian made us aware that he holds the same disdain for Ralph McTell has he does for the late Mr. Denver. Note to self – sing a Ralph song every week. I pretended that I’d forgotten I was needed to accompany Lesley with “Hector the Hero” and appeared to be leaving the stage. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Nice tune.

Fred sang one of my favourite joiny-in songs, Lizzie Lindsay. He’s got the right accent for it as well.

There are 3 types of people in your life :-

1 Those who helped you in difficult times.

2 Those who left you in difficult times.

3 Those who caused you to have difficult times.

However, let us all be thankful for John and Carole who, in a world seemingly full of greed and hate, remind us of all that is good in the world. The jury is still out re. John’s choice of shirts however.

The bucket pass round after the break brought in over 50 quid. All of us who have seen the “Children of Chernobyl” kids that have been to the club over the years know how much this money will be needed, and thanks again to Margaret and her colleagues for all the work they put in for these desperately deprived children who are now left out in the open with no shelter.

Singers night at Tynewydd next week.

One Response to “May 20th 2022”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Ahem…. I had a black tee-shirt on last night?!?!? I thought I’d give John W. a better chance in the “Shirt fro Hell” category…!

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