Friday May 27th 2022.

After a couple of needing-extra-chairs weeks, we were a lot thinner on the ground tonight; a combination of holidays, family stuff and Chester Folk Festival. Talking of which, it’ll be a short blog as I’m off 3 miles down the road to Kelsall for the festival when I’m done.

Let’s be honest, it was worth turning up just to hear Mike sing “First time ever I saw your face”.

We had three lady performers, 66.66% of whom were called Lesley. We’ve heard Lesley P belting it out from the floor, but it was nice to see her up with Fred at the front. We’ll be expecting more.

“Quiet” nights bring out the best, and people will give stuff a try they might otherwise have shied away from.

Alan had his pipes with him again, and also sang a couple from his Fox Firkin days as well as “helping me out” with “I would walk 500 miles”.

Nice Scots tunes from Lesley S again, and more of Izzie (short for Isobel we now know, with an O not an A), reading from the gospel according to her mum.

Not a huge turnout, but one of those intimate nights when there was time for plenty of chat.

Right, that’s me done.

Identify the owner of the feet.

Next week Tynewydd is closed (apparently it’s a Bank Holiday – who has a branch open near them anyway?). It’s also First Friday, so it’s Zoom. See “Club News” on this website for log in. Alun will still be on hols, so it is unlikely that there will be a YouTube recording.

2 Responses to “Friday May 27th 2022.”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Missing you already… 😦

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    I’m hoping (Broadband allowing) that despite still being on our hols, I will be able to sort out recording of next week’s Zoom. It just might take a little longer before being posted onto our FB “Friends” group.

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