And another of our monthly Zoom sessions. Alun is currently on holday, so this months farce is brought to you courtesey of Hawes and Cheshire, normal Welsh service will be resumed next month when Alun returns home.

Now, Folkies are not normally known for being fans of the establishment, but some were definitely celebrating. The Stokies, along with Karen were having their own private jubilee party and got their Union Jack hats out for Ian’s 1952 number one song. Even John had entered into the spirit and put his bun tin up, and Jim had been granted his freedom and been released form his prison cell as a jubilee goodwill gesture.

Is it true that BoJo is about to announce the return to imperial weights and measures to mark the jubilee? That’ll be a relief to most of the people on our Zoom who never really mastered the metric stuff.

It’s becoming a “thing” every zoom, to see what play Dafydd is putting on Bee in their box name, you do need to master a bit of Welsh to get it though. This week it was Gwenynen Brysur – or Busy Bee, very clever!

In the absence of Mike and Helen, Brian and Sue were vying with Mary Ann McAllister for saddest song, and Maureen was the first person we’ve heard accompanied by a chain saw.

Brian had a self penned number, The Ballad of Snaffer Harris – (AKA Gaffer Ferris), it certainly rivalled the master’s in length, and he had yet another lady from his hareem to duet with; he must have hidden attractions, either that, or pots of money.

Ray finally laid to rest the question of where exactly Paul Simon wrote Homeward Bound. Apparently there have been 2 plaques erected above the ticket office in Widnes Station commemorating the moment, unfortunately both have been stolen!

Now I’m not saying that Paul Clarke can’t take his booze, but he had made a pilgrimage to Penrith for the marmalade festival, where a spoonful of Whisky marmalade rendered him incapable of driving. I prefer my whisky neat.

There were plenty more performers and it was an excellent evening, Mary Ann even had a Jimmy Buffet number in the second half, unfortuately his biggest fan, Emm Cee had left by that stage. You’ll have to listen to it here on the recording Andrew.

See you next week, live at Tynewydd.

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