Friday June 10th 2022.

Have you ever stopped and looked round at Tynewydd and thought “What a lovely set of human beings we have here”. Sometimes I wonder why they let me through the door.

EmmCee spent much of the night rabbiting on about his beetroot ragout. Is there a more disgusting vegetable? Combine it with vomit-in-a-jar piccalilli and you lose the will to live.

Adrian still sounds to be in the latter stages of TB, but seemed in an uncharacteristically cheerful mood last night. I think I prefer the miserable bugger. There were a couple of songs from me and the delightful “Hector the Hero” from Lesley.

Mike chose to sing “Who knows where the time goes” with guitar accompaniment; not necessary Mike, you can’t improve on perfection.

Dafydd had chosen a wide range of material tonight, Dylan Thomas, Wilfred Owen, Makepeace Thackeray and a tale from Effan in Ireland concerning the big Effan policeman who was stung by the Effan bee. Alun removed half his ‘tache on his gob iron. Not pleasant seeing a grown man cry.

Always a treat to hear Geoff Durno. He moved the conversation from beetroot (just the word makes me queasy) to school dinners and sago puddin’ at which point the floor was awash with vomit as we all recalled this British delicacy.

Izzie never fails to entertain with her verse, usually including at least one of her mum’s poems. The odd song wouldn’t come amiss??

John and Carole will be away for a few weeks down in “Kernow” (Cornwall) as they celebrate their Golden Wedding. On behalf of everyone at the club we wish you many many more happy years together.

The last of our “turns” was Rick, with a couple of songs and poignantly, one of Delora’s poems.

Next week we have Jez Lowe as a guest; always a popular turn to get you singing along and smiling – definitely not one to miss.

One Response to “Friday June 10th 2022.”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Smashing singers’ night, I thought. Highlight had to be “Boozin’ Bloody-Well Boozin’…”

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