Friday June 17th 2022

A birthday treat for me – our guest Jez Lowe, having been twice cancelled due to Covid, but well worth the wait. A good turnout, as you’d expect, but with several regular floor spots away, the audience had to put up with 2 short sets from me, although Mike, Izzie, Malcolm and Alun were well received.

Jez had driven to the bright lights ond opulence of Rhyl from Edinburgh and must have surely been knackered, but put in his usual top notch performance, keeping us all smiling and joining in. After the show he was driving up to Durham!

All his own songs of course, and the first requirement of any JL song is that there should be a chorus – always popular at Tynewydd. The only downside to the night was the amount of beetroot and piccalilli (I’ve to google that every time for the spelling) in the raffle (see last week’s blog).

Jez had a selection of songs from his vast catalogue; classics such as “Black Diamonds” and “Another Man’s Wife” were mixed with soon-to-be classics such as “Talk to me dirty in Geordie”. I should really apologise to Brian and Sue after slagging them off for not knowing the origin of “Makkers and Takkers” featured in this song, as Jez didn’t know either. I should but I won’t.

“The bloke in the checkout queue” was a new song song Jez was trying out but unsure about. Keep it in the set!

Yet another cracker of a night. We’ve seen Jez at the club in nearly all of our different venues over our 58 year history, and I’m sure we’ll be having him back again. Nothing else to say, except to say “Thank you Jez Lowe” for entertaining us yet again.

Singers’ night at Tynewydd next week, Zoom on July 1st. I’m off up to Scotland fo some rain and midgies.


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