Friday July 8th 2022

After last week’s Zoom session we were back live at Tynewydd. Andrew decided Mike should be fed to the lions, followed by myself and Lesley.

Alun had restrung his Baritone guitar with RSJs or something similar – nice sound though. Following his song “Santander”, there followed a discussion on what the………… it was about.

Malcolm had more memories from the Black Country. He denies ever having been in Peaky Blinders.

Having (rightfully) slagged off Earl Grey tea, Geoff sang about the alleged moon landing in 1969 (the photos were certainly never taken there), the end of the song seeming to favour creationism to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Ray followed with a tear jerker about the last of the Great Snails.

Fred took us to the break, along with his missus – always a treat to have a lady sing at the club.

Edna and Marg provided the biggest laughs of the night while drawing the raffle. Adult humour – I’m afraid I can’t elaborate further here.

Alan sang songs he’d written for Lucinda, who would have been 49 this week and is missed every day.

Adrian had had a Turkish haircut / shave /nostril hair trim / ear wax removal and also a cataract removed (not at the same establishment). How much fun can one man have. The always effervescent Izzie rounded off the performers with verse about squashed frogs and teenagers.

This week Ruth chose “South Australia” as the end of night singalong. Complete with kangaroos. More of the same next week.

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