Friday July 23rd 2022

Ten top trump turns to tickle the terpsichorean tonsils- that’s Tynewydd to a T. There seemed to be a distinct whiff of Alban about the night and that is NOT a complaint.

            Alun kicked us off with a lady from the valleys- I think he practices you know. A welcome return to both Helen Shilladay and the newly idle Nick Jackson. He will be never busier now he is off the payroll, but we hope he factors us in for another visit soon. His sort of extended spot with Alan M clittered and clattered along nicely. Kevin and Rick both did us proud, with Americana covers of Prine and Earle that never fail to please.

The Warburtons gave polished performances from Dragon’s Breath before our visitor from across the pond wowed us with a bit of music hall. More we said Mrs Moore! Adrian was long-sticking (is that a verb?) and advocating the benefits of low-fat beer and bacon. Fred and Lesley had generously boosted club funds as well as continuing the Scottish theme with tuneful melodies from oop north. Alun pulled it all together again like a good shepherd would and we went home smiling, Nuff said.

            See you all next week.

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  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Ace Blog. Lovely Singers’ Night

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