Friday July 29th 2022

**BREAKING NEWS** – EmCee started early! I think he wanted to get home to watch the last ever episode of “Neighbours” (if his Betamax had managed to record it).

I was the chosen one to kick off, and remembered that I had to stay where I was to accompany Lesley (S) with one of her lovely slow airs.

We were quickly replaced by Fred and Lesley (P). What a wonderful addition they have been to the club; lovely people, lovely music.

Mike chose (quite rightly) to irritate Adrian when he sang a John Denver song; if you were trying to depart from the UK it’s unlikely you’d be leaving on a jet plane any time soon. A line in “Tom’s gone to Hilo” left me puzzled – “..his boots are in porn”. ??

Aaaahhhhh. The gentle tones and faultless guitar of Geoff Durno. “Kilbowie Hill”, one of my favourite Robin Laing songs. OK, the tune was shamelessly nicked (Raglan Road), but a far better song.

In complete contrast was Rick – Barrett’s Private Ears and then South Australia. The picture says it all.

EmCee asked the origin of “Staggers and Jags”. Apparently it’s nothing to do with motor cars, but simply refers to a state of advanced inebriation.

John’s top tip for the weekend. :- Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.

Adrian was elated that his computer (a ZX Spectrum) had broken down and people had to contact him by snail mail. He seemed unconcerned that the cost of a 1st class stamp was now 95p. Songs with an Irish theme tonight. Incidentally, the photo is an accurate representation of his skin; maybe we should have a whip round for a tube of Factor 30.

I thought Alun was wearing a sarong when he appeared tonight, very David Beckham. Turns out he’d chopped the bottom 12 inches (30 cms for anyone under the age of 50) of a pair of fairly baggy trousers. He wouldn’t be allowed to go out with Wendy wearing them. Battery failure meant he was unable to use his electronic accordion first half.

EmCee also had battery problems, but with one of his hearing aids (yes, we are of that age). He seemed reluctant to take my advice and recharge them by licking his fingers and sticking them in a plug socket.

Let’s not forget Izzie! Some of her mum’s wonderful poems and, in the second half, she talked Fred into accompanying her on the Skye Boat Song. My thoughts on Charles Edward Stuart have been well documented.

“Get well soon”s to Ann and John W, and very best wishes to Sue Race for next week XXX.

It’s first Friday of the month next week, so we are Zooming ie do not turrn up at Tynewydd. If you can’t do it on the night, you can always watch the recording at your leisure on YouTube, the link will be on the website or via Facebook or simply search Rhyl Folk Club on YouTube.

One Response to “Friday July 29th 2022”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    The 1st song I sang was “Cyn delwyf i Gymru nôl” You didn’t write it down, I’m guessing.
    Use of the subjunctive 1st person singular in “delwyf” (= should I come…”) was no doubt a special thrill for our friend Adrian 🙂

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