And another month gone by and we’re back on Zoom again, and another year gone by for me. The birthday girl thanks you all for your good wishes and apologises for murdering Hector the Hero (turns out it wasn’t suicide after all). Note to self – don’t let yourself be persuaded to play after a few glasses of wine.

However, after the somewhat shaky start, there was a screen full of great entertainment, skilfully held together by John and Alun.

John Warburton seems to be on the payroll of The Canal and River Trust, aren’t barges just waterborne caravans? They must recognise the gypsy in him.

Carole’s computer poem resonated with Mike Hawkins, who had already re-booted his. Technology can always be relied on to let you down Mike. We had hoped that he would be able to join us for something acapella, but sadly we missed out on that treat.

Dawn from Alaska, lovely to see new faces, especially one with such a great voice. John usually promises to be nice to new people for at least one visit, but poor Dawn had all the Alaskan puns and jokes, even on her first time – “Juneau what I mean?”

We haven’t seen so much of Mike and Helen for a while. John hadn’t forgotten how to take the p……! The only person on the call that takes more stick is Paul Clack. (but I think he secretly likes it.)

Being on Zoom Ian was spared the usual Rhyl accompaniement to The Boxer – we were all “Boom Tishing” away to ourselves. (You’ll have to come live to experience the Real thing.)

Izzie’s Dai the Dead prompted Alun to reveal his Welsh Knick name – Jones the Phones

It’s quite common in small town Wales, where folk often share the same surnames for people to be named after their profession or something they are known for, examples such as Ivor the Engine, Dai Bread and Dave the Fish spring to mind. Here are few that could be used from tonights Zoom session:

  • Warbie the Warbler
  • Storm the Turbulent
  • Try the Patience
  • Harley the Bike
  • Paul the Put Upon
  • John the Butcher
  • Peter the Audience!

Along with all this tosh we had some lovely input from Gwyneth, Phil, Storm, Paul, Depp Down Dave, Izzie, Brian, Wendy, Geoff, Gloria and Mary Ann. So plenty to look forward to on the recording. Thank you all.

Storm has had a bad few weeks and we wish him and Mariya better times.

Live next week at Tynewydd with a special extended spot from Abby and Jim (young people)!

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