Friday September 2nd 2022.

Well! There we are. The end of the monthly Zooms. There was a predictably good turnout from all our distant chums, but a few of our locals were absent. Alun was leaning over the deck rail of a ferry to France watching his dinner return, so there was no “good cop/ bad cop” commentary, just the nasty one. With Paul Clarke helping as co-host, things ran like a Swiss watch. The recording will hopefully be available tomorrow.

With not having a video for screenshots, I’m having to use old photos, but nobody seems to have redecorated or bought any new clothes. Some may not even have changed them.

I’ve been remembering some of the people who have joined us occasionally. Ian from Kent, whose father was a lion tamer. Natalia from Moscow; lovely lady, perfect English, although she seemed prone (or obliged) to echo the Kremlin’s viewpoint – may have been difficult if she’d been with us for the last few months. Steve Andisaw, with his rabbit “Custard” (now deceased, the bunny that is), mad as a box of frogs.

There was Don and Phil from the US.

Plus all the lovelies who turned up for nearly every session.

Others didn’t sing but were valued every bit as much for their presence as they sat, usually boozing, at home.

Internet instability was a recurring problem. Full marks went to Helen in British Columbia for driving out in her car to where there was a signal, so she could knock out a song. She also introduced us to her pal Maureen.

Others, who we didn’t previously know, have become lifelong friends.

Without doubt though, the best bit last night was seeing Sue, back to her lovable perky self, albeit with her Captain Hook eye patch. XXX from everyone at Rhyl.

So many, many more – Izzy (despite your gobbiness, I love you to bits),Paul, Phil, Gwyneth, Irene, Storm, Deep-down-Dave, Brian and Linda, Ian, Mary Ann and many many more, as well as all the regulars from the club, Mike, Alan, Geoff, Dafydd and Bee.

Last, but not least, my pal Alun; always Mr Nice, even when the cheap Aldi beer took hold.

As I said earlier, we hope to be back on-line again in the future, but for now we need to set our priorities, and that is with live music with bums on seats. Terry says his new CD should be available some time next year. I’m sure we’ll have him back as a guest if he can fit us in his world promo tour.

The recording should be available tomorrow – have a look at Facebook or it will be added to this blog when available.

Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride. It was fun.

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