Friday September 9th 2022.

Meteorological Autumn is here. I told you only a couple of months ago that the iron fist of Winter would soon be upon us. This week we’ve seen a change of Head of State and PM; neither of the two new ones look very promising, to say the least.

Andrew started early! Rounds of three! It’s his unpredictability that makes women find him so attractive.

Alan had his nylons on (strings, not his seamed American Tans). Nice soft sound providing a pleasant change. Songs from his soon-to-be-here CD.

Self and Lesley next.”Hiring Fair”, “Ailsa Ann Anderson” (tune) and “Come by the hills”. The last one mentioned didn’t please Mike none too well, as that was to be his guitar song for the night.In the event, the three unaccompanied he did sing were all far superior songs; “First time (ever I saw your face) is up there with the best songs you’ll ever hear when Mike sings it.

Having now had both eyes sorted, Adrian is no longer reliant on his guide dog, except for reading when the yellow labrador has to help him out with the long words. He sang the infamous song about the bloke being killed by the naked lady with a large dagger concealed between her (presumably) voluminous breasts. It’s folk music!

Lesley (P) and Fred always cheer us up with some cracking tunes. “Valparaiso” was on my list for the night, but I didn’t complain. I’m just saying.

Geoff finished off the first half, with his gentle precise style, guaranteed to take your cares away. Till you remember what a mess the country’s in.

During the break, Marg had to accompany Edna to the loo, as our Scouse chum was convinced the Ladies was haunted. No self respecting ghost would choose to occupy the Tynewydd loos, Edna.

Andrew reversed the order for the second half ( he really lives life on the edge), which meant that Geoff had barely got his breath back when he was on again. Andrew had been tantilising us all night about what a “Dopp Box” could be. In the event, I lost the will to live half way through the explanation. The terms “dry sack” and “little leather bag” were mentioned, which turned most people off. Google it, if you must waste 5 minutes of your life.

With Alun en France, I helped Alan out with “Muirsheen Durkin” to end the night.

We’re back to do it all again next week.


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  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Vous me manquez tous déjà…!

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