Friday September 16th 2022

After having crawled along the A55 for an eternity (it was the “extra” Bank Holiday), I was much relieved to see Roly’s Saab parked up at Tynewydd. Everything was laid out ready to plug in – a true hero. Let’s not forget Marg and Edna for setting out all the tables, this stuff doesn’t do itself and no one ever gets any credit.

Being Pritchardless, I’d be MCing etc. and kicking off, if only to do whatever Mike had planned to sing. Lesley quickly followed with one of her lovely fiddle tunes.

Adrian’s first offering did involve the removing of a Duke’s bowels, but only included one “bollocks!” when the words somehow eluded him.

Three crackers from Mike, including one of my favourites, “Last Trip Home”.

Lawrence and his missus had come up from W Sussex to be with us; he had an Oysterband song and a couple of his own verses.

There was a fair amount of verse tonight, including some from Dafydd. Good to see him back after his annual late summer leave to the Prom season (I did the Blackpool gag last night). A bit of culture – Keats, very Autumnal.

Several finger pickers sent notes in from their mam. One was still en France demolishing some very cheap-but-bloody-awful red. Another was knackered after working a nightmare shift at the caff in Capel Curig and was demolishing a bottle of more expensive but far better red, probably Argy malbec. Another was sitting on the loo with his trousers round his ankles all night; probably had a glass in his hand, but we won’t dwell on the image.

How I love Izzy’s mum’s verses. To be fair she does do them justice with her delivery.

Lesley P and Fred – always entertaining, and always with songs from Caledonia. Can’t be beat! Always easy to photograph as they’re never over animated.

Geoff probably wasn’t having the best night of his life, but I won’t go into the details. He also made the mistake of inviting Fred and me to join him, thinking that this could be the best thing since Westlife split up.

I thought we may be struggling to fill the time with so many away, but beer break didn’t arrive till 9.53. A quick raffle which left me holding a bottle of Malbec, then a round of ones to finish bang on time.

Only 13 weeks and the nights will be drawing out again! Who says I’m a miserable bugger. Next week we have some Zoom chums with us (“spots”, not a guest turn); the details are not finalised but we may have Phil Harley (remember Cockney Rebel? Nothing to do with them), also the wonderful voice of Dawn, from Alaska. Sadly Paul Clarke will be there, nothing’s perfect.

Three wrinkly old men are available for your festive party at a reasonable fee.

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