Friday September 30th 2022

We were once again plagued by illness, holidays and, in Alan Manouch’s case, a lack of foresight, as he should have built an ark some weeks ago; Capel Curig was almost cut off by flooding on the roads. I did tell you months ago that winter was on it’s way and :-

(Say what you see!)

Adrian is still convinced that tank tops are making a comeback. Most of his outfit was made from offcuts of our backdrop, so only his head and arms were visible. He resorted to a crib sheet when the words (predictably) eluded him.

Dafydd had also been at the remnants of the backdrop and was similarly attired. He had one poem in Welsh and another translated into English. This one was possbly the most miserable verse we’d ever heard, we are all doomed to spend eternity as a box of white bones (not if Putin has his way – we’ll all be vapourised).

Marg and Stu. What a treat! Two excellent sets from them tonight, there had better be some more or we’ll send the boys round (the boys would no doubt refuse to go round – they’re scared of Edna).

It was our Wedding Anniversary, so I was in soppy mood (with “Naomi”). Lesley helped me out (and don’t I need it) with the vocals on the depressing Tom Waites’ song “Georgia Lee”, as well as giving a faultless performance on fiddle.

Alun was back from France but had to leave after he’d won a 4 pack of St. Mig. in the raffle. He’s father of the bride today and is apparently going to sing his speech. A bit “Andrew Lloyd Webber”?

Geoff also had to leave early, but without any beer. His set included a lovely song wot ‘e ‘ad rit 40 years ago.

Sadly, no one sang “Come by the hills” Who’s turn should it have been? Next week there will be some paper and a writing implement available for you to put requests into a box for your favourite turns to sing your favourite songs. Don’t suppose I’ll be featuring much then.


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