Friday October 7th 2022

A proper night out.

And, in a packed programme etc… no less than fifteen bodies to juggle and make sense of. A good mix of the things that we all love and appreciate, consummately achieved by the gathered throng, whose talent, practice and enthusiasm was a credit to them.

The monitor speakers were finally switched on at 2110 hrs. I think Roly would have noticed before then. Nice to see Terry, especially to hear his pledge to return with his blue box. We will have to wait until next week to find out how the North Wales Ladies Morris Men recruitment drive is going.

            A few etymological conundrums were (ahem) explained on the night. Touch and go, I’m not convinced about, but I now know why/what Calico Silver is. I am also available to explain staggers and jags, but not how to erect a trailer tent awning. There was a veritable outbreak of red wine in the raffle, though the combined skills of Margaret and Edna failed to direct any in my direction.

The images that accompany this drivel will both explain and emphasise what a splendid evening was had by all. John Warburton’s shirt won the first prize again. Not sartorially sober but for the benefit of MacMillan Nurses, both he and Alan are dry this month. Details of how to support their creditable endeavours are on the respective F/B pages.            

See you next week


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