Friday, October 14th 2022

We start this week’s review with the sad news that the applications to join the North Wales Morris group will have to be rescheduled. There being no applicants, the fantastic four have reluctantly had to suspend their interview panel. This is despite their enthusiasm for, and commitment to, diversity.

Now to reality, the suggestion that we have a suggestion box has borne fruit.  Below, in no particular order are the requests found in the box, which is on the right side of the room, just in front of the rear exit. It is on the chair where Robshaw sits as supervisor.

            Dogging, JS

            Last trip home, MH

            Day dream believer, MG and SS

            Lizzie Lindsay, LP and FP

            Green back dollar, ARJ

            Devils Rt Hand, RH

            Why do U treat me like U do, JW

            First, you lose the rhyming, GD

            Twerkin Durkin, AM

            Saints and sinners, ARJ

            The Dunne song, AW

I am unsure of the request to AM, as the writing is a bit rushed. Anyway, he’ll know.

So, there we are, that was not too difficult, was it? Keep them coming and the turns will try to fit them in somewhere in the near future. I am disappointed to report that there were no requests to deliver anything by Butch Hancock or Bruce Cockburn. Still, one day, my Horseflies will come. Don’t forget the guest night on the 28th of this month, see f/b and website.

Toodle pip!

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