Friday October 21st 2022

With Andrew absent and a total lack of volunteers, it was left to me to MC. I don’t know why I’m so unpopular, aren’t I always full of praise for all the turns?

Anyway, I proceeded to get the crap out of the way first. I tried out a new song. It’ll be better next time.

Lesley then played a tune which Alun had written for her – “Mrs. Shepherd’s Fancy”. Again first time out, but only a couple of glitches. Alun was moved to tears. It wasn’t any way near that bad.

Alan was shamelessly plugging his new CD; unbelievably he still has a few left, only a tenner, and Christmas will soon be upon us.

Dafydd read something in Welsh which was probably very meaningful, and followed up with ever poular Betjeman.

It’s been a while since Raphael Callaghan paid us a visit. Some serious gob iron playing, and some sliiiiidde guitar. There was song about a bloke dressed in denim. Why does the yoof of today think it’s good to spend their parents’ hard earned cash on jeans with the knees slashed open?

It was Trafalgar Day, so Mike siezed the opportunity to sing “Carrying Nelson Home”. Last week, Andrew revealed all the requests from the box, and a few people did them tonight. I thought we drew one a week from the box for the following week. Need to consult.

The Warbys next. John sang one I’d had in the request box and another with dead sailors bobbing about in the water. Despite his shirt it was still a miserable song, so Carole had to come on and cheer us up with some of her verse.

We don’t see Kevin anywhere near often enough, and we don’t hear enough Saw Doctors’ songs. Both remedied tonight.

Lesley P and Fred; always an enjoyable set. “The shearing’s no’ for you” is about cutting corn not coiffeuring sheep. In case you were confused.

Geoff complained that the monitors were playing bum notes back at him. Sorry, it was my fault, I left them there at the beginning. He struggled to keep up with the audience on “Rolling Home”, mistakenly thinking the crowd should be singing the song at his pace.

Alun finished off the turns; “Hiring Fair” (too many notes) and “Little Pot Stove”. John W argued (with some justification) that a stove wouldn’t be needed in an engine room. Discuss.

I’m afraid I have to report a case of bullying at the club. When a Terry’s Orange “Toffee Crunch” came up in the raffle, someone suggested that the winner should share it around, as we hadn’t come across one before. Poor Carole felt obliged to share her prize with the other boys and girls. It was really good, thank you Carole.

We have guests next week. We still need a few floor spots for warm ups, so bring your instruments. Chris and Louise Rogan will be here, usual time but a fiver to help us cover costs. Here’s a taster.


One Response to “Friday October 21st 2022”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    “Dafydd read something in Welsh which was probably very meaningful” was actually “CREIGIAU ABERDARON” (the rocks of Aberdaron”) by the highly respected bard “CYNAN”

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