Friday 28th October 2022

It’s been a while since we had a guest night, so it was a pleasure to welcome Louise and Chris Rogan (daughter and father) to our humble Community Centre.

It was down to me again to MC, so the first thing I had to do was warn the crowd to watch their language, as some people had brought their children. I gave the floor spots 2 each as warm up to the main event; Adrian remembered all his words so there was no need for the usual “bollocks” as is the norm when they elude him.

Chris and Louise sang a mix of contemporary (some wot they ‘ad rit themselves) and traditional songs, with plenty for us all to join in with. Always appreciated at Rhyl.

Louise played keyboards while dad played understated guitar and generally did what he was told.

Vocals were shared, but my abiding memory of the night was Louise’s soaring voice, can’t remember hearing better. I commented last night that we get very few “paid turns” that sing a decent amount of traditional songs. The only disappointment of the night was that, despite coming from Bury, they hadn”t brought any Black Puddin’s down with them.

It’s a shame that numbers were embarrassingly low, with hols, family stuff and illness taking their toll. Despite this, the chorus singing was top notch throughout. Alun described the atmosphere perfectly – “an intimate night with friends”, emphasised when our guests stepped into the midst of the seething masses to sing their final number. All in all, an excellent night, with lots of smiling faces going out of the door.

What’s this about John?! I hear you cry. You are renowned for being “Mr Nasty”! Sorry, I couldn’t be, they were such lovely people.

We got through the (boozeless but with bread) raffle in 5 minutes, giving me time for a couple of floor spots in the 2nd half. It can be done!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Remember that the clocks go back tonight except for the Flat-Earthers and similar who refused to put them on last March. In either case we will be back for a singers’ night next week at 8.00.


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