Friday November 4th 2022

The “dogging” will be better next week; I apologise for my poor performance.

Ah! I seem to have your attention. I suppose you had to be there. Anyway, it was pre bonfire night and there was a (bit of a) theme, certainly from Dafydd. More later.

Adrian refuses to accept that he scowls even more, now that he has discarded his glasses. What do you think?

Whatever key he started in, he always ended up as Paul Robeson, singing out of his boots.Remembered all the words though.

Never such a problem for Mike, who predictably starts and finishes +/- 0.5 Hertz. Still didn’t end well for Lord Franklin , maybe someone should write a different ending.

I sang Ralph McTell’s “England 1914”; lovely song, shame to spoil it, but there will undoubtedly be more similar songs next week on Armistice Day. I had a backing group for the Banana Boat Song, although Alun got cramp in his maracas arm by the second verse.

Alun himself sang “Tommy’s Lot”, possibly my favourite of the Remembrance Day type songs. As we only had 5 performers tonight, Andrew decided to name them after Enid’s Famous Five. Alun was Ann, cos he had the best boobs.

Yes, it was only one more sleep till Bonfire Night. There is probably a consensus that Guy Fawkes may have had the right idea. All I’m saying is “Nick Hancock”, although the £400K he is getting from “Im a nonentity” probably pales into insignificance compared to his (allegedly) dodgy deals with PPE contracts.

Dafydd, a man at the top of his game, revealed himself as a pyromaniac. Stuff on bonfires, burning Joan of Arc (apparently went down well with some jacket spuds done in the embers but insufficient crackling on her). I certainly don’t remember anyone at the club doing The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s “I am the god f hell fire……” before. About this point Andrew confessed to (in his younger days) having put threepenny Cannons (penny bangers wouldn’t do) in piles of shog dite (other forms of excrement are available). Nice boy.

The request slot is now up and running, with Alun to sing “The Boxer” next week. I seem to have been asked for “Dogging”. Started it but couldn’t finish. Story of my life.I’ll have another go next week, maybe in the car park…..?

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