Friday November 11th 2022.

Armistice Day, with it’s associated songs and poems inevitably has a slightly subdued feel to the night, but this turned out to be a lively evening.

Andrew had a selection of some of the worst gags ever heard at the club.He put Alan on first who set a very high bar, which I failed to reach by some distance. “Geronimo’s Cadillac” is a rubbish song, but is retrieved by the chorus, which even the numpties can manage.

Adrian was again singing out of his boots,way down deeeepp. Irish songs tonight, which came as part of the package with his Irish passport

Bee read some war poems, in her usual impeccable fashion. The one which she had written was a stonker.

Alun was in the early stages of beard (ie scruffy and itchy). This has been going on for over a week now, but apparently Wendy hadn’t noticed till today. “Rhaid Imi Fynd” is a song Alun wrote about his great uncle. Well worth a listen.

The request slot thing is under way, but Andrew was in despair. A chitty is pulled out of the box each week. If the “turn” is present, he is asked to sing the song the following week after the break as an “extra”. Not too difficult, surely? Apparently it was, and Alun sang “The Boxer” (…..just a come on from the horse on 7th Avenue)as part of his set. The first slip pulled out for next week was for Don Maclean to sing “American Pie”; I don’t recall Don getting down to Rhyl much these days. Andrew’s face says it all.

Terry McKenna – always a treat. Lovely unaccompanied song with a manageable chorus and blues played on his blue guitar.

Dafydd had also been busy with the pen – “There’s a hole in my budget, dear Rishi, dear Rishi”, and Mike was the final spot with a pair of Eric Bogle songs; “The green fields of France” is probably one of the finest songs ever written. Loads of people have a go at it, but none sing it better than Mike.

Next week’s request will be Alan with “The road to Drumleman” and we will once again have the “We’re from the Northeast but we’re not Geordies” pair Brian and Sue, eating me out of house and home and trashing their room, with us on the 25th Nov.


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