Friday November 18th 2022

It has to be said, we were a bit thin on the ground, and I thought we may have been on for an early finish. But no! It ended up being one of the best nights we’ve had for some time, plenty of banter and some cracking good music.

Sporting my get-your-money’s-worth haircut,I opened up with a Ralph McTell song – the first of many in the night.

Alan had more from Mr. McTell and a couple of Eliza Gilkyson songs, with a bit of whistling thrown in for good measure.

Geoff asked to be “taken out drinking tonight”, but “wished he was back home in Derry”.

Lesley, accompanied by Fred, had a cracking set; the small but select audience fair belted out the choruses (chori? I’m sure some pedant will correct me). “Rose of Allendale” and “Sally free and easy” (as opposed to Sally who works Burton’s corner who charges half a crown, reduced rate for pensioners).

Alun likes to add an extra verse to some of his songs these days. In the revised version of “London Danny”, young Daniel has to return down the M1 having had a good smack in the gob. This was apparently Alun’s second choice of verse as Wendy said that sending him back with his dangly bits rearranged was poor taste. Please note that Rhyl Folk Club does not condone violence.

The second half started with Alan singing last week’s request. We then drew the chitty for next week – fortuitously it was for Brian and Sue to do “The Bergen” – I’ll make sure they get the message.

Rounds of 2 to finish then everyone up for Leaving of Liverpool.

Another 4 weeks and the nights will be getting shorter again. Yes, I know that the shortest day is the 21st, but due to the axial inclination of the planet, it starts to get lighter earlier from the 14th. Still too early to put the decs up though; Mary hasn’t even told Joseph she’s pregnant yet. We’re there again next week.


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