Another ZOOM meeting with Rhyl Folk Club, a benefit of the club’s venue being closed over holiday periods. It meant we got to meet up again with all our far flung friends we hadn’t seen for over 3 months and enjoy their company and singing.

Plenty turned up to our early New Years Eve party, there was chat, banter, barracking and, of course, the usual insults from our genial MC. The craic was good and the Waitrose twins in Surrey had been to their favourite emporium for some aardvark and laverbread crisps which they seemed to be enjoying. We have some champagne and serrano chilli in our cupboard, but John is rationing me to no more than 6 crisps per evening, the things he does for my waistline!

Today being Hogmanay, I’d like to give you Lesley’s ultimate guide to this time.

  • Hogamanay is so celebrated in Scotland as Christmas was cancelled for 400 years after the Reforamtion
  • Allow 2 days for the celebration, and 2 weeks for the recovery period
  • When first footing always bring a coin for prosperity, a lump of coal for warmth and whisky for a wee dram.
  • Don’t link arms until the 5th verse of Auld Lang Syne ( an’ there’s a hand ma’ trusty feire, and gie’s a hand o’ thine)
  • and watch out if you’re anywhere near Stonehaven, those fireballs are dangerous things!

Things to look out for, amongst all the other great stuff, include:

  • Dave’s Dulcimer
  • The unceremonial dumping of Linda in the second half by Brian Carter
  • Phil’s dog
  • The Durham duo, offering themselves up as an alternative to a Durno (who still remains the drug of choice)
  • Gaffer’s Pope in a roll(s royce)
  • Helen (the birthday girl) with her Yan Tan Tethera. Apparently a sheep counting system traditionally used by shepherd’s in the North of England, also used in a song from Wensleydale in Yorkshire for counting knitting stitches.
  • Aitch’s All Around My Fat, a song about playtex, the original version of modern womens “shape wear”.
  • Alun’s power supply problems, which seemed to cause bum notes and word failure (nothing to do with the Famous Grouse).

So to wind up, enjoy the recording which is embedded here, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and remember, “Whit’s fur ye’ll nae ging bye ye”


One Response to “FRIDAY 30TH DECEMBER 2022”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Hic… What’s a “Reforamtion”…?

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