Friday January 6th 2023

It’s time for that “New Year, new me” bullshit, endemic at the beginning of every year. I’d like to assure my readers that I’m going to be the same miserable git I’ve always been.

A decent turnout for our first session of the year. Andrew, we know, likes to live life on the edge, but in a move, daring by even his standards – HE PUT A POET ON FIRST!

The crowd still reeling from this audacious move were hugely entertained by Dafydd, with a couple of Flanders and Swann pieces.

Fred and Lesley underestimate themselves. Two great sets tonight; “Deportees” was enhanced by the appearance of a squadron of paper planes (mine was easily the best) as “the skyplane caught fire over Los Gatos canyon”. One of their songs in the second half appeared to be called “Ciabatta”, but other Italian breads are available.

Alan usually has to sit to perform but was able to stand up to deliver his first set; good to see you sober Al.Promising to play his pipes again soon.

Alun is defying Wendy and has not shaved. Yet. I really think you should reconsider this strategy for your long term health. “Cyn Delwyf I Gymru’n Ol” is a hiraeth song about a bloke who thinks he will never return to Wales (Ryan Giggs?). In the second half he sang “Silver Dagger” for Margaret. Shame she’d had to leave early.

Part way through the evening, Andrew had been troubled by what he called “Lexicographical bollocks”. This could never be applied to Bee, whose two verses were pure joy.

Mike seldom disappoints, although he claims that the last time he sang “Steal Away” he cocked it up. Surely not! Not much wrong with it tonight. He’s back on Penguin Eggs and Anglicising Sir Walter Scott songs.

I had the best (William and Harry) gag of the night. I’m writing the blog – my opinion is what counts. “Sound of Silence” was the original song about a lock-in at a boozer, later modified by Paul Simon. Fred said he’d had an almost identical experience.

Being slightly ahead of time, we had a double singalong to finish, always good fun.

Back there next week, 8.00.

Advance warning – the ever popular Neal and Shereen Band (ie with Neal’s bro’ Alan) will be doing a bit of a spot on the 27th Jan. Not to be missed.


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