Friday January 13th 2023

With a lot to get through, Andrew wanted to start early. Alun was back from his sell-out gig at Treuddyn, but still hasn’t shaved; starting to look a bit like Uncle Albert.

I don’t like having to follow Alun, for obvious reasons.A couple of songs (that I did too fast), before Lesley calmed things down with her Scott Skinner fiddle tune, “Music of Spey”.

Mike doesn’t need to follow someone crap, he’s going to sound good whatever. “First Time (ever I saw your face) – doesn’t get much better.

Kevin included Steve Earle’s “Billy Austin”, a cheerful little song about a bloke sent to the electric chair. The blues and twos from N Wales’ finest on the road outside came in a verse too early.

A couple from Rick in his usual exuberant Texan style, and then in total contrast we had the gentle tones of Geoff Durno. Geoff had dug out a Tom Paxton song called “I followed her into the West”; I’d never heard it before but I liked the line “….tonight my resolution rose”. Never heard it called that before.

Now fully relaxed, the audience were treated to Fred and Lesley, on one of their rare visits to the UK. Rubbing it in again (did they mention they were off on holiday?) they sang “Leaving on a jet plane”, with another appearance of the paper Luftwaffe from the front row.

A lot of stuff in Welsh tonight.Dafydd had a verse about a woman who was unable to find her car after shopping. I couldn’t understand 95% of it but I recognised TK Max, M & S, Tesco and Starbucks. I don’t know where the piece was supposed to be set, but there was no Waitrose, so it was nowhere posh. New face Rhodri, sang a couple of songs including his own version of “Myfanwy”. Didn’t need PA.

In fairness to Andrew, it looked as though there would be just time for a round of one each in the second half. Short songs and no faffing about somehow left a spare 20 minutes, but we gratefully accepted a couple of extras each fromKevin and Geoff.

Singers Night next week, then on the 27th, our singers will be enhanced by a big spot from the Neal & Shereen band.


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