Friday January 20th 2023

The weather hadn’t been the best, but those who turned out were bursting for a bit of fun, as January drags endlessly on.

Those who knew of him had been greatly saddened this week by the death of Les Barker, an amazingly talented and funny man and allround nice guy. I kicked off the evening with a couple from the Barker archive – “Jehova’s Witness at the door” and the lesser known “Church of the Holy Undecided”, with the whole audience getting stuck in.

John W was tripping on hallucinogenic substances courtesy of Donovan; Carole read another of Les’s poems about a Shi Tzu. Some say that Nick Jackson ran a ShiTzu in Colwyn Bay.

Alun had more Donovan in the form of the mispronounced “Islay”.

I can’t see the day when I would tire of hearing Mike sing “Who knows where the time goes”. Perfection. One of the best songs ever written and nobody can interpret it better than Mr Hawkins. He does need to get those fingerprints off the guitar.

A special treat for us tonight was Sheila. “Tanners and bobs”, taking us all back to our youth, which doesn’t feel all that long ago.

Dafydd had more Flanders and Swann this week, and a bit of Dylan (Zimmerman, not Thomas).

A few gems in the second half, notably John and Carole with “Sennen” (about a Cornish village, not a mild laxative available over-the-counter).

Next week we have a “big spot” from the Neal & Shereen Acoustic Band (ie. with Alan). It’s not a full “turn” so we still need all you floor singers.

Finally, for those not fortunate to have seen him in concert, here is the wonderful Les Barker, with his “Bag for life”. Poignant under the circumstances, but still excruciatingly funny.


One Response to “Friday January 20th 2023”

  1. Fabulous Les Barker piece, so absolutely typical😢😂😢

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