Friday 17th March 2023

After an absence of 6 weeks it was good to return and see that Tynewydd had had it’s promised refurbishment. Or maybe it’s the medication I’m on.

Everyone seemed to have remembered it was “Paddy’s Night”, with a good variety of Irish stuff scattered through the night. This predictably gives many opportunities for joining in, so it does, to be sure. There was a lot of Irish verse as well, including Seamus Heaney and WB Yeats.

My offering of “Cheap Flights” is lavishly sprinkled with the Irish word “feck”. Dafydd recalled a cartoon in Private Eye (other satirical magazines may be available) which depicted an Irish scarecrow, which was simply a wall with “Feck off crows” painted on it.

We had a couple of “get your instruments and get up here and join in”songs; I don’t know what the audience think, but I enjoy them, so bugger everyone else.

If you look at the Website Homepage, you’ll see we have some “stuff” going on in the next few months, including the AGM on April 21st, a necessary evil if we are to remain a democratic club. As always the centre will be closed on Good Friday. Alun and Alan should be back next week.

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