Friday March 24th 2023.

A quietish night, but full of quality stuff, with everyone (but me) on top form.

I kicked off, followed by Alun, fresh back from the Northern lights and ice hotel, with a neatly trimmed beard. What sounded like “an artificial song” turned out to be “an Archie Fisher song”. His second, “Little pot stove” turned into a BeeGees number when he changed the key to somewhere way beyond the reach of everyone else.

Mike was, as usual, in very fine voice. “A sailor’s life” predictably didn’t end well. Special treat tonight was a verse from Sheila – “50 shades of grey” was about 84 year old Mabel. Not one for children. Sheila may have a few ongoing health issues, but she hasn’t lost the sparkle in her eye.

John W. next. Nice shirt. Lots of Donovan tonight, including my favourite “Why do you treat me like you do?”

Carole had a new poem for us -“What age do we have to be?” Getting old is obligatory but growing up is a life choice.

I had a lovely photo of Dafydd laughing, but I managed to delete it from my camera as I was uploading the pics. You’ll have to remember what he looks like. A Welsh poem about bluebells. Today’s factoid – the Welsh for bluebell translates as “bells of the cuckoo”, as they come and go at the same time as the aforementioned bird. Every day’s a schoolday.

Rearrange Frank C Jackson and you get an American musician. Geoff sang a couple of his songs tonight. “Blues run the game” – never knew who wrote it till last night.

Adrian was back with songs and a tune. “Bush of Australia” was another not for the grandchildren. Adrian left at half time, not even waiting for the raffle. Mistake. He’d have gone home clutching a bottle of Cab/Shiraz.

Next week we have a big spot from Alun and hopefully something from 2/3 of the legendary Fox Firkin ie Alan and Nick (or Jackson L Nicholas). Not to be missed.


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