Friday March 31st 2023.

The ARJ Big Spot was postponed due to a surfeit of performers on the night. It will now be squeezed out on April 14th. Gives him more chance to practise.

Mike started with a pretty faultless set, despite not having practised much thinking it was a “spot” night.

Andrew’s long awaited book on tapeworms arrived this week. Containing only 32 pages for £7.99, his disappointment was evident. They look quite cute don’t they?

John W gave his usual half hearted (!!!!!) version of “Cousin Jack”, before Carole delighted us with more of her poems.

It’s always good to have turns other than “a bloke with a guitar”. The “Arthur Bowman Trio” bashed out some lively numbers to the accompaniment of banjo, autoharp, gob iron and bodhran.

Dafydd had some work by (or translated from the Welsh by – I didn’t fully understand) the bloke who translated road signs on Anglesey. Every day a schoolday. I fumbled my way through a couple of songs and (what I thought was) a half decent gag.

I was castigated by Mr. West when I misheard “Naval incontinence”. His second song, “The Keeper”, he assured us was one we’d all learnt at school. Not in Burnley, sorry.

How good it was to see Alan and Nick back performing together. Alan was visibly more relaxed being relieved of the burden of remembering the chords. Those who never saw Fox Firkin last century could only get a glimpse of what they’d missed. However, I still think Andy Mac carried them. (That should get me a slap).

Malcolm turned in an excellent set, although his little electronic box of Brian Race style reverbs etc was too loud. Good whistling on “Me and Julio…”. Wearing socks tonight.

Finally Alun. His Day of Fame was postponed till April 14th, the next club night.Apparently “Fanny Power” is not Women’s Lib or an Irish gambling company, but a tune, which Alun seamlessly blended into “Fiddler’s Green, written apparently by legendary Burnley winger of the 60s, John Connelly.

Then all round again in the second half.


Tynewydd is closed for the Bank Holiday (That’s a joke!Has anyone got a branch open near them?). So……..



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