Friday April 14th 2023.

There was an injury hit squad for tonight’s fixture. Alun was oooozzing virus, with a cough, limitless snot and bubbling phlegm filling his lungs, so his Big Spot was again postponed. Andrew and Ruth had “gastro-intestinal” problems. I blame Andrew’s obsession with tapeworms. That left me to MC, but at least there was a big choice of floor spots.

Some very sad news this week. Frank Keogh has died. Fondly remembered as a stalwart club member and nice guy, he hadn’t been well for a while with dementia. As we’re all getting older, we have to accept that empty seats will inevitably appear. There’s a chance that we may be able to get Ann down to the club for an odd night, which would be lovely.

Frank in Jersey

I need to be off sharpish today, as I’m off to Yorkshire for my Dental School 50th Reunion. 50 years! How did that happen!

Long story short. Loads of singers, mainly blokes, but 2 ladies, both confusingly called Lesley. Some played guitar, some didn’t. One fiddle. A lorra lorra laughs inbetween.

Nice to see the Jenkins pair, Margaret M and the Stokies.

I don’t have time to Photoshop the images, they’re “as taken”

Next week it’s the AGM, starting at 7.30. Please try to get there. I know it’s dull but it’s a necessary evil once a year for half an hour to ensure the club keeps running democratically.

OK, that’s me done, I’m off up the M62. See you all next week. AT 7.30!!!!


2 Responses to “Friday April 14th 2023.”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Glad there was a good turnout. Sorry to missed it… Sniff/Cough/Sneeze/Squit! On the men, back next week.

    • jonesthephones Says:

      Sorry to HAVE missed it. Back on the MEND… Note to self: Check before pressing “Post” button

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