Friday April 21st 2023.

A big “thank you” to everyone who turned up for the AGM. Being quorate, the meeting proceeded in the standard format. Our chairman is seen here looking slightly bewildered, but he did a grand job, with Alun’s guidance.

As the club enters it’s 60th year, we really need more bums on seats and it was generally agreed that a publicity thrust was in order. Personally I would suggest we leave that until Tynewydd has had the refurb, as the building is now in a pretty dire state and not providing much of a welcome to newcomers. Or regulars.

John W started us off tonight with his own song “4 leaf clover”. Better when he had his backing vocalists.

Carole has a big birthday this week and we all wish her the very best. Tonight she had written a new poem about rabbits and squirrels. Gnomes were also involved.

Adrian was sowing the seeds of love. Don’t think about it too hard.

My choice for the evening was Ralph McTell’s “Easter lilies” followed by “Summer of ’46” – being 1746 when Bonny Prince Charlie skulked aroung the Hebrides having had a good kicking at Culloden. “The Green and the Blue” was my newbie, a Battlefield Band song I’ve been promising myself to learn for years – thanks to Fred and Lesley for belting out the chorus.

While we were waiting for Fred to get his act together, Andrew revealed his next thrilling page-turner which is to be published next week – “Pathogenesis; how germs changed history”.

Fred had now prepared himself physically if not mentally, and, helped along by Lesley, they livened things up with a cracking version of “Dainty Davey”.

A few of us had “new” songs tonight. The only version of “Matt Hyland” I’ve ever heard before was by Andy M Stewart (of Silly Wizard fame). I have to say that Mike’s version will be it’s equal (when his memory banks finish uploading the words fully). Excellent!

Dafydd almost overstayed his welcome with Frank Muir’s piece on the origins of the song “Supercalafragilisicexpialidocious”. John Warburton’s sister particularly enjoyed it.

Alun had a “new to him” song; James Taylor’s “Millworker”. And what a belter it was. I had a look at it about 15 years ago but quickly decided it was way above my ability levels, butAlun certainly did it proud.

Booze, bread and coffee in the raffle. All life’s necessities.

Here’s to the next 60 years!



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